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Medicare ALERT **

Please do not be fooled by the many commercials you are seeing right now related to Medicare on your TV. These ads are extremely deceptive and if you call their number it will lead you to an agent that is likely not even in the state you live in. These big national Medicare firms sell your name and contact information to agents around the nation, many are only interested in selling you a plan at any cost, and worse than that don't have any idea of the physician and facility networks that are so important to keep your plan running the way you need it to.

Please call our agency if you live in Colorado or Wyoming. We know the carriers, the plans and will give you honest, unbiased advice as well as plan information and can even help you enroll if you would like. We never pressure anyone into buying. We are Medicare Insurance consultants and here for you now and down the road, every year to help you make the best Medicare insurance decisions based on your specific personal and medical needs.

Turning 65 or choosing a Medicare Insurance plan for the 1st time can be a bit scary.. There are so many carriers out there and no doubt your mailbox is filled with flyers trying to sell you something and even misleading you into thinking you have to call... Not to worry... Medicare Insurance is our specialty and to be honest, it's one of our favorite things to do. We think Medicare Insurance is easy and so will you after talking with us for just 10 minutes. All of our agents take the time to get properly trained and certified to speak on all aspect of Medicare Insurance including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Prescription Part D Rx plans. We're also contracted with dozens of carriers so we can make your shopping experience a very easy one.

The first step is making sure you are enrolled in both parts A & B of Medicare. Once you have Parts A & B, you are now ready for the next step, enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement and a Part D Rx plan. There are several carriers that offer these types of plans and our specialty is helping you understand the differences between the carriers and plans as well as helping you decide which one might suit your needs most appropriately.

We strongly feel it's important to know about both types of plans, so choosing an agent who is certified to speak on both increases your likelihood of getting the right plan each and every year. When you're shopping around it's important to know that not many, in fact very few, agents are true Medicare Specialists. Most agents who say they sell Medicare plans are not trained or certified to speak about Advantage or Part D Rx plans. To be able to do this, CMS, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services require hours of training with testing each year and many don't want to do that much work. Our agents do this testing each and every year so that all are fully certified to speak and educate our clients on all the available options.

We recommend applying for your Medicare Part B 60-90 days before your 65 birthday and then applying for your Medicare Insurance plan 30-45 days ahead. This way the carrier has time to process your application so that you have your packet and ID card(s) by the 1st of the month when your plan starts.

If you're not turning 65 and instead losing your other coverage through a move or retiring or otherwise losing your current plan, we recommend applying for Part B immediately when you know when your other Medical coverage will end and then applying for your plan immediately as well. Medicare has certain timelines that everyone has to adhere to which are generally 60-90 days. Rule of thumb is, in this scenario, don't hesitate and we're here to help so call or email us right away.

The internet provides a decent amount of information but why would you buy a plan over the internet and not from a local agent if the cost is the same?? We have agents that can talk with you over the phone or in person and answer any and all of you questions to help guide you to the most appropriate Medicare plan for your specific needs. We spend hours training and certifying every year to be able to sell and service Medicare from dozens of Medicare companies and can help you compare them all in a far shorter time that you can on your own. Give us a try... you won't be disappointed.

If you'd like to get preliminary quotes for your Medicare plan, please email your request to Our quoting tool allows us to look at dozens of carriers and plans and we can email you a spreadsheet with the lowest cost 4 plans for you to compare or plans specific to those items that are most important to you.

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