Small to Large Employee Benefit Plans in Colorado and Southern Wyoming

Why do you offer Employee Benefits?? (multiple choice question) 
A. So that, employees don't steal from you
B. To get the tax write off
C. Because you find Insurance fascinating
D. So that you can hire, retain and motivate the best employees available to grow your business. 


If you answered D, You get an A+. Believe it or not, after this many years, we've actually heard A, B & C so nothing surprises us anymore... 

That's what Powerful Employee Benefits are all about... After all, why offer benefits unless they really matter to your employees...

Creating and implementing a solid, comprehensive, and cost-effective Employee Benefits plan that your employees will love is not an easy task, but that's where we come in. We're experts in doing exactly that as well as communicating those benefits and then supporting them for you and all your employees throughout the year. Believe it or not, we love insurance and helping people..that's why most of us got into this business in the first place. Sounds kind of nerdy but it's who we are.

We know there are a lot of agencies out there, so the million-dollar question is.... Why Choose Us?

1. Whether you're a new or a renewing group, we do a full market analysis EVERY year and bring you that competitive data boiled down to the best few carriers and plans at least 60 days prior to your renewal so you have the time and the professional guidance to make the best decisions for next years plan elections.

2. We provide you with a the "Ease" Employee Benefits and Management technology platform at no cost. Ease allows you to store and manage all your employees' data, along with their insurance options, elections and rates for your payroll. This system allows your employees to do their annual and new hire enrollments online and for you and us to make employee adds, terminations, changes and many other functions at the click of a button making Employee Benefits Easy again.

3. We provide our groups a Full Compliance Dept at NO additional cost. This Compliance Benefit includes your annual POP Section 125 (Premium Only Plan), SPD Wrap Documents as well as the ability to produce and circulate ERISA, ACA, and Medicare notifications, which by the way are all a requirement now due to the new government legislation and finally an HR services access portal called Think HR where you can find 24\7 help for all your day to day HR questions and needs.

4. We provide you with NO cost Cobra administration that automates with the Ease system solving all your Cobra termination notifications and premium collection issues eliminating any harmful liability that most companies have in this process.

5. We are fully licensed and certified to speak on not only Employee Benefits, but also the full range of Medicare insurance as well as Individual & Family Health insurance plans so that when your employees are trying to decide which coverage might be best for them, they have a knowledgeable and trusted professional at their fingertips that will always make sure they have the best plan for their specific circumstances.

6. We are a face and a name for you and all your employees... No phone trees, no explaining an issue to several different people. Not only do you and all your employees have your agent's cell phone number to use 24\7 as well as mine, the owner of the company, you have a dedicated Service rep that is here for any and all of your day to day needs. Insurance can be frustrating at times so we simply like to make fixing things easy!

7. Loyalty and Support. We love supporting our clients so if you have a service we need, we buy from you first and more importantly we help connect our groups so that you have the opportunity to sell your services to our other groups. Connecting people, products and services is powerful and we believe that it's our job to help you be successful in all aspects of business

8. And last but not least, all our agents are fully vested and share the ownership of their book of business! Most other agencies just pay their agents a salary or hourly wage with a little commission on top so to them it's just a job. All our agents share in the ownership of their business so they are fully vested in not only their success but the success of your company. The way we see it, anything we can do to help make you successful makes us successful and we love that! 

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