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What does Healthcare Reform mean to you?

Are you someone who is saving money or spending more or just confused about all of it and desperately need help?

Healthcare Reform is finally here and you may be a huge fan or someone who is frustrated about spending more money for lesser coverage. One thing is for sure though. we all shop differently than we did before. The steps are far more complicated, confusing and time consuming than they ever were in the past. If you’re tech savy and have lots of extra time on your hands, you can probably go it alone, but if not, why not ask someone for help, more specifically a highly trained Broker that has only you and your families best interest in mind and works for you for free.

If you qualify for an APTC Advanced Premium Tax Credit, more commonly known as a subsidy, then you’ll no doubt need help navigating and help with the state Medicaid dept.  If you do not qualify for a subsidy, you can go directly to the carrier and apply. We are trained to help you with both. More importantly we spend countless hours training with all the carriers to know their plan details, their ever changing doctor networks and new rates so we can help you find the one that works best for your specific needs.

Finally, we now have Open Enrollment periods in which everyone can apply and/or change plans on an annual basis. We also know there are penalties if you chose to go without insurance which are increasing annually, so more than ever it makes sense to not go without. If you miss the Open Enrollment deadlines, you will have to have a QLE, Qualifying Life Event to get coverage. QLE’s include marriage, divorce, birth of a child and involuntary loss of other coverage. It’s important that if a QLE happens you get coverage started asap, we recommend within 30 days.

That’s the tip of a very large iceberg and we’d be happy to tell you more so please feel free to call or email us today about any questions you have and for a free quote.

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